VSDF 2020: Performance Call
SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Sunday March 1st, 2020

See full details and print-out here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nEnzW_PIm8N5Y5ulaI4LE-r6_gSa5O6R/view?usp=drivesdk

This is for performances only. Please follow us on www.fb.com/vanstreetdancefest for announcements regarding battles.


The Vancouver Street Dance Association (VSDA) is inviting proposals for street dance performances to be presented at the 9th annual VSDF 2020 held on August 1st at Robson Square.

Artists/crews of the proposal must engage actively with the local, national, or international street dance community and aim to represent the subculture.


Proposals will be selected based on how well it meets one or more of the criteria below:

- Represents a local crew or city within Metro Vancouver.
- Effectively demonstrates street dance, the presented genre’s roots and it’s foundational elements.
- Performs an underrepresented street dance genre.
- Involves the participation of youth or emerging dancers.
- Contains local or urban Indigenous representation.
- Communicates messages and values of the street dance community.
- Presents a new performance for the year, versus an older one.


Artists will be provided a lump sum of $500 CAD once selected and the performance is complete.


Yoshie & (Japan) - House https://youtu.be/mvs5ZH3XA9s
OURO Collective - Street/Contemporary https://youtu.be/gcOEDfqtTGM
Robson 800 - Allstyles https://youtu.be/5Aciu4HsSFI
7*Skopez Fam (Montreal) - Krump https://youtu.be/
604 House Street - House https://youtu.be/GORL4HtxJrA
Konichiwaack - Waacking https://youtu.be/ncx4bSmTF4s
Heavy Hittaz Apprentice - Popping https://youtu.be/4XoYw1vyOYU
Hustle Around the World - Hustle https://youtu.be/TllA-SDQnlE
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SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Sunday March 1st, 2020
1.1 - Group/Crew name *
What you wish to be called by the MC.
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1.2 - What city/area/place does your group represent? *
Be as specific as possible. I.e. Metro Vancouver, Surrey, East Van, Hastings-Sunrise, Bonsor Community Centre
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1.3 - Lead contact first and last name *
Designate a lead contact to fill out the application, and be responsible for the group.
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1.4 - Phone number *
Lead contact's phone number.
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1.5 - Participating artists *
Provide a list of all confirmed and pending artists. Place each name on a separate line. Include full name and nickname; write the preferred name first.
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2.1 - Proposal summary *
Please provide a summary (recommended 25 words) of the performance proposal.
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2.2 - What genres will your performance represent? *
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2.3 - Artist statement *
Please provide a statement (recommended 300 words) of the artist's/crew's background, connection to the street dance community, and how it is reflected in the performance.
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3.1 - List of past works
You may choose to skip this question. Please provide a list of past performances or productions and where they were performed. Place one performance on each line. There is no recommended amount of how many to list.
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3.2 - Videos of past works *
Please provide 1-3 pieces of example footage from past performances created by one or more of the participating artists. Submit them in web links. Feel free to include short descriptions. Please do not begin to create and submit choreography for the application. Only begin choreographing the performance if selected.
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Deadline to submit is Wednesday April 1st, 2020 at 11:59 pm. Please do not hesitate to contact vanstreetdancefest@gmail.com if you have any questions. Thank you for applying!
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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