Volunteers Registration for Action Asia Events' race in Hong Kong 動感亞洲活動香港比賽義工登記
Please fill in the information. Staff of Action Asia Events will contact you shortly. 請填妥以下表格,動感亞洲活動將會盡快聯絡閣下。
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Mobile number (can receive whatsapp message) 手提電話(能收whatsapp訊息) *
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Age 年齡
Individual or group 個人或小組/團體 義工
Group name (for volunteer group only) 小組/團體名稱 (小組/團體義工)
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Number of volunteers (for volunteer group only) 義工人數 (小組/團體義工)
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Preferred Duties 希望擔任的義工崗位
Races can be volunteers 能擔任義工之比賽 *
Action Asia Events Volunteer Experience? 曾擔任動感亞洲活動比賽義工? *
Trail running race volunteer Experience? 曾擔任其他越野跑比賽義工? *
Have you participated in any Action Asia Events' race? 曾參加動感亞洲活動的比賽? *
Have you participated in any trail running race? 過往曾參加越野跑比賽? *
Do you have any valid first aid certificate? 有沒有有效的急救証書? *
Languages can be spoken 能說的語言
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Volunteer offer: (You can update at the end of the race of volunteering) 義工福利選擇 (可於完成義工工作時更改):
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