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Payment of retreat fee

PSY requests a 30% downpayment of the stated retreat fee. The remaining costs of the retreat can be paid ultimately 4 weeks before arrival of the 2 Day or 4 Day retreats or 4 weeks before arrival of the 8 day journeys. Please clearly state the retreat and date you are registering for. 

Payment can be done via:

  • Paypal:     (adding 6% fee),
  • Bank Transfer: GJM Jelly, JO55JDOIB2300003422640013031000, BIC: JDIBJOAMXXX
                               Adress Bank: Alabdali Boulevard, Amman, Jordan
                               Adress Client: Main street Alshakrieh, Aqaba, Jordan
  • Credit Card:      Via a personal Zbooni link to be created upon request. (adding a 4% fee)

Retreat Confirmation

PSY guarantees a retreat based on a minimum amount of confirmed guests. The minimum amount of guests needed varies per retreat and is indicated on the website, partner sites and/or related brochure. 

PSY has the right to cancel a retreat up to 28 days before start date of the retreat and in that case will offer a full refund of the retreat fees. If a retreat is confirmed yet participants need to cancel and we do not have the minimum required number to confirm the retreat any longer, we will do our best to attract new participants. 

In the event we do not reach the minimum required guests, you have the following options: either rebook your retreat for new dates, accept an alternative program for the planned dates or choose a different retreat. In the latter option we match the price with either a refund or a request for an additional payment. 

Obviously we will discuss the options with you in person. 

Cancellation Policy

In the unfortunate event you need to cancel your journey, we have the following policy in place regarding reimbursement of your retreat fee's:

  • Up to 60 days before retreat date: 100% reimbursement of retreat fee.
  • Between 59 and 46 days before retreat date: 70% reimbursement of retreat fee.
  • Between 45 and 30 days before retreat date: 50% reimbursement of retreat fee.
  • Between 29 and 15 days before retreat date: 25% reimbursement of retreat fee.
  • Less then 15 days before retreat date: no reimbursement of retreat fee.
Definition retreat fee: Costs as communicated on the website and brochures. 

Ownership imagery
I/we herewith state that I/we are aware and agree - unless explicitly stated otherwise - that images and video's made during the retreat may be used for promotional purposes for Pink Spirit Yoga and related co-hosts on websites, agent platforms and social media. 

General Waiver

I acknowledge that during our Pink Spirit Retreat I participate voluntarily and at own risk in any and all activities arranged. I realise that my participation may involve the risk of injury. Any loss or damage to any person or property that occurs will be at one's own risk.

I agree to take responsibility for travel and health insurance that covers Covid 19 and any medical assistance that may be needed due to interaction with horses.

I am aware that walking barefoot in the desert comes at a risk of stepping on sharp stones, branches or any items left by other travellers. 

I am aware that the sandstone rocks are hazardous for climbing and am responsible for any damage as a result of unnecessary rock climbing. 

I am aware there are poisonous animals in the desert and will camp out at my own risk. 

I am aware that during the retreat I will interact with animals who have their own personality, any injury as a result of interaction with them is at my own responsibility.

If you are currently pregnant, or under medical or psychiatric supervision, you must provide a doctor’s certificate confirming your fitness to travel and take part in the retreat. Our team is not medically trained and cannot offer any specific medical advice whilst at the retreat.

If you suffer of any health conditions - physical or mental, you confirm that you have either consulted with a doctor before participating in physical activity or you are accepting full responsibility for your own health and your acknowledge the risk involved.

Pink Spirit Yoga represented by Sandra Jelly is not responsible for any injuries or losses incurred whilst at the retreat or after the retreat.

COVID-19 Terms and Conditions

In the event of a Coronavirus (COVID-19) related government closure resulting in the cancellation of a retreat, customers will be contacted as soon as possible and presented with alternative dates and/or an alternative retreat. 

Pink Spirit Yoga reserves the right to alter capacity or seating arrangements on the advice of the Government and organisations in response to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Pink Spirit Yoga is not liable for any loss of flights or accommodation costs please arrange a Covid 19 cover/travel insurance that can support a compensation here.

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