Oscar Johnson, Jr. Community Center
Thank you for participating in this survey for the Oscar Johnson, Jr. Community Center. The City of Conroe is evaluating the feasibility of constructing a new Community Center. Your answers to this survey will assist with ensuring any future facility best serves the needs of the entire community.

For more information about the project or for questions, please contact the Oscar Johnson, Jr. Community Center staff at oscarjohnsonjrcommunitycenter@cityofconroe.org

1.Which of the following most closely describes how often you participate in programs or use the Oscar Johnson, Jr. Community Center (OJJCC)? *
2.If you currently participate in programs at the Oscar Johnson, Jr. Community Center (OJJCC), in which programs do you participate (Check all that apply)? *
3.If a new Community Center were built, which activities would most interest you? (Check all that apply) *
4.How do you currently travel to the OJJCC? *
5.If you currently participate in OJJCC programs, which of the following is a reason for doing so? *
6.Where do you live? *
7.For which activities do you currently travel outside of Conroe to participate in (meetings, clubs, classes, fitness)? *
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8.For which activities would you be willing to pay a nominal fee for use of, or participation in, a new Community Center space and/or programs? (Check all that apply) *
9.Please tell us your home zip code *
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