Green Morcellement
Q1 -We are aiming to develop a “Green Village" (An integrated Agricultural Morcellement) in light of sustainable development to encourage innovative agricultural practices and promoting local supply for agri-business in the North East of Mauritius. For this purpose, we would like to invite you to participate in this survey to gather your insights on such development. *
Q2 - Would you be keen on a gated agricultural morcellement with a cahier des charges? *
Q3 - What surface area would you be interested to purchase in the morcellement? *
Q4 - What would be your estimated price for 1/2 arpent ? *
Q5 - What type of business would you consider for this kind of green project? Please choose below. *
Q6 - Which of these emerging technologies and facilities can help you grow and protect your development if there is demand ? Please choose below *
Q7 - Would you be interested in such development as part of the green village? Please choose below
Q8 -Please feel free to add the suggestions you may have to make this Green Village a "Chef D'Oeuvre" of high quality. Thank You.
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We thank you for your participation and kindly note that all your information will be kept strictly confidential.
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