Community Camera Registration
In order to better investigate crimes which occur in the city of Lorain, we depend on assistance from the residents that we serve. Many residents have security cameras installed on their homes and businesses which record videos that greatly assist the Lorain Police Department in solving crimes and apprehending suspects.

If you have video cameras installed on your business or residence, please take the time to fill out this form to advise our detectives that you have cameras which might help them in their criminal investigations. In the event of a crime near your camera, our detectives will contact you and ask you to review your video footage to ascertain if your cameras captured evidence of the crime. Likewise, we will be happy to come out and review the footage with you.

Please fill out as much of the information requested in this form as you can. The mandatory point of contact information is required so that we know who to contact for assistance in viewing video captured by your security cameras.

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Who should we call when we need help with your camera?
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Email address
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My camera records video and audio.
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Camera view
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Number of interior cameras
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Number of exterior cameras
(How many cameras you have that record outside your location)
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Camera motion
(Fixed - camera always points in same direction; Roaming - camera automatically pans from side to side)
Brand and model
Please identify the company and model number of your camera system if you know it
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Camera features
Retention policy
Please tell us how long your system stores recorded video. For example, if your camera only holds video for 14 days it is imperative that we obtain your video before the evidence of the crime is deleted from your system.
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Comments or details
Please provide us with any other information about your camera that you think we should know.
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