1882 Symposium VII - Thoughts and Feedback
Thank you to everyone who attended and supported this year's Symposium!

Now that the 1882 Symposium VII has come to a successful close, we ask for your feedback as we prepare for the next year of collaborative efforts, leading up to Symposium VIII in 2020.

Which sections of the Symposium did you participate in? (select all that apply) *
If you did not attend after all - is there anything that would have helped support your participation? (select all that apply)
What was the driving factor that motivated you to attend? (select all that apply)
Overall, please rate on a scale of 1 (did not meet expectations) to 5 (exceeded expectations): the agenda and programming met my expectations.
The programming did not meet my expectations.
The programming exceeded my expectations.
Which session did you find most productive and/or informative?
Is there something specific that you would like to adapt or apply to your classroom/workplace?
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Are there sessions that could have been improved? If so, which sessions, and how?
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We intend to focus on digital/technological collaboration and partnership at Symposium VIII in May 2020 (save the date!). As we move forward with planning, what aspects of this theme would you most like to explore? *
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Are there other themes you'd like to see discussed next year?
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