Vermont-NEA Member Participation - Vermont Profile of a Graduate
April 14th Meeting - Vermont-NEA, 10 Wheelock Street, Montpelier (Montpelier Area)

Time: 10 am - 1 pm

As Vermont moves towards a proficiency-based and personalized system of education, we need to develop a shared understanding of the skills, abilities, and knowledge that all students need to be successful in life after graduation. This feedback session will be an opportunity for educators to contribute to that image by refining the Vermont Profile of a Graduate to which many stakeholders have already participated. Participants will examine potential jobs of the future to help us think beyond our current expectations. We will discuss and identify the skills, knowledge, and abilities that are essential for a successful life in the 21st Century for all of Vermont’s young adults. We look forward to hearing Vermont-NEA member thoughts – those who have the most direct experience with Vermont youth. Your voice is critical to this work and the future of education in Vermont.

The Vermont Agency of Education held multiple days to discuss this during the year last year, but it was always a day when our members were teaching. Pat Fitzsimmons from the Agency of Education wants feedback from those of you in the classroom.

The meeting will include a great lunch and stimulating and important conversations.

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