Valley Life Church Campus Pastor/Church Planter Application
Making Disciples:
First and foremost, Valley Life has been formed around the teaching of the gospel. We want to be very clear about what this means. The Bible is not just a collection of stories, but rather one cohesive narrative that contains:

The Beauty of God’s creation
The Brokenness that has resulted from sin
The Truth embodied in perfect life and sacrifice of Jesus
The Compassion that God has shown through his plan for redemption
The Community that we experience between each other and God

The study of the gospel is as simple as it is deep. It will always be foundational to our teaching. We believe that a gospel infused life is only possible when lived in community with other believers, and with those who are still exploring this idea. Within community, we hope to provide an avenue for growth for people at all stages of their spiritual development.

Planting Churches:
Ultimately the end of all this discipleship is to plant other churches to reach other communities. In training volunteers to teach children, lead worship, disciple one another, etc, we hope to raise up leaders who will impact local communities. We are not trying to make one big church, but rather a network of connected churches that minister locally.

We hope that you will join us in being a part of this mission. Please prayerfully consider the responsibility of possibly being a church planter/campus pastor with Valley Life Church. If you feel that God is calling you down this path please carefully fill out this application to begin this process at Valley Life.

Habakkuk 2:14
For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.
PLEASE NOTE: This form will NOT save your responses. It is highly recommended that you complete your answers in a separate Word Doc. After completing the application, please send your resume, testimony, and 2 sermons (if you have them) to for review.
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Please give us the contact information of 3 references: *
Do you feel called to be a church planter (independent/autonomous church) or do you desire to plant as a campus pastor of a Valley Life Church? *
Valley Life’s mission is to make disciples and plant churches. What does that mean to you? Why would you be excited to be a part of this? *
Why do you feel called to Valley Life Church? How well would you work within a network of other churches and leaders where you will get support, training, and coaching, but do not have all of the autonomy as an independent church planter? *
What is the best reason for you to be kept from planting a church? *
What is one of the most impactful moments of your life? *
What is the toughest part of ministry for you? *
What's the most money you've ever raised? For what? *
Have you ever lead anyone to faith in Christ outside the ministry of the church? Please describe. *
What was the last book that you read? Why did you read it? When did you finish it? *
When was the last time a non believer had dinner in your home? *
Think of one of the worst mistakes that you have made in ministry (or work). How were you confronted? How did you handle that correction? How have you learned from it? *
Three common roles used to describe the different areas of responsibility for a pastor are Prophet (preaching), Priest (caring and counseling), and King (vision and leadership). Which one are you strongest at and which one are you weakest at? *
What would you say is your biggest accomplishment in your life thus far? *
Please describe a ministry that you have been instrumental in growing? How did it happen? *
What question did you hope we would ask, but didn’t? What is your answer? *
Situational Questions:
For the following questions please put yourself in each of these situations and say how you would respond.
After church one day you are approached by a crying woman that truly has a broken heart from being convicted of her sin. She simply asks you to tell her the gospel so that she may believe like others in your church. How would you explain the gospel to her? *
A group of people are talking and invite you to answer a question they have been trying to figure out. The question they are trying to answer is what role does prayer have in the Christian life if you preach the sovereignty of God? What would be your answer for them? *
In a follow up with a college student, he brings in a couple of friends to talk more in depth about who Jesus is. They want the biblical answer of who Jesus is and what He did. How would you talk with these seekers of truth about Jesus Christ and His works? *
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