UK Youth Voice at COP28
We are members of the Future Leaders Network and the UK Youth Climate Coalition and will be representing the views of UK young people at COP28 - the annual UN climate conference. We would like you to complete this survey so we can better understand youth priorities on climate change and advocate for them to be adopted. This is your chance to shape our agenda and we are grateful for your input.
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Your background
The following questions will remain anonymous and will not be shared with anyone. We are just collecting demographic data to ensure we capture a diverse range of voices.
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Climate Change
The following questions are about your attitudes to climate change and your policy priorities.
How worried do you feel about climate change?
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Very worried
Clear selection
Of the following areas, choose five that you think are the most important to see action taken on
Is there an area above that hasn't been included that you think should be included?
Of the following climate policies, choose three that you most want to see adopted by world leaders
Are there any climate policies not listed above that you think should be included? 
We have been asked by the UNFCCC to run the official conference of youth for the UK.

We are planning to hold the in person 'Local Conference of Youth' to bring together young people interested in climate action. It will likely be held in Manchester and will be a safe space to provide UK youth with a more accessible and inclusive route to having their voices heard at the global level.

Our aims are to:

- Facilitate the development of a policy document, which attendees will co-design, and deliver to the global Conference of Youth;
- Provide workshops, panels and keynote speakers to expand skills, knowledge and confidence to join or create effective climate campaigns;
- Provide a space for climate organisations and activists to connect and network with each other, building community across the climate movement. 

Would you be interested in attending this conference? 
Before the in-person conference, we will hold a virtual conference to gather policy ideas from young people which will feed into the drafting of the official UNFCCC Global Youth Statement.  

Participants will have the chance to raise and discuss policy ideas. Would you be interested in attending the virtual conference?
If you answered yes or maybe to the above questions, please provide your email address. 
Thank you
Thank you for participating. Your views will help shape our policy development and will be represented to the UK Government and world leaders at COP28. 
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