MAGWest 2019 Music Performer Submissions
Use this form to enter all required information to be considered for a musical performance at MAGWest 2019.

The soft deadline for submissions is *March 31st*. Submissions past this date might not be considered for MAGWest 2019, and we may not be able to provide flexibility in terms of AV equipment for such submissions if they are considered. Please, do try to get your submission in before this date if you're interested in performing this year!

All performers will be notified via email by MAGWest Music Staff if their group is a candidate for this year's event. Performers are not considered booked until MAGWest extends, _and the performing group accepts_, the performance contract for the event. If a performing group misses their deadline to accept the offered contract, MAGWest may rescind the offer and select another performing group. If a contract is extended to your group, please be sure to work promptly with us so that your group can accept it!

Thank you for your interest in performing at MAGWest -- we look forward to seeing you there. :)

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