The Sole to Soulmate EXperience
Finding Rebekah (Genesis 24:14)...

Thank you for dropping in. We appreciate your willingness to share your experience. We believe a sole-mate is simply someone you have chosen to walk with: married, life partners, or otherwise. Whereas, a soulmate is someone we believe God set aside for you to do life with, just like he set Rebekah aside for Isaac at the well.

To us, simply choosing to be with someone does not make them your mate. God alone chooses mates; we choose partners. And because we oftentimes choose wrong, the divorce rate is what it is after every business deal goes bad. Business as usual, right?

Let's be honest and try and get to the bottom of why we sometimes settle for marrying who we want and then get upset when it doesn't work out, as opposed to marrying who God intended and staying together out of love and not necessity, and maybe we can also do a better job of transitioning from walking alone - sometimes even in marriage - to walking together in life and in love, full of laughter... 'til death do us part.

Here's to every Isaac finding his Rebekah, and to future EXperiences gaining more clarity with whether we are intended to simply walk with someone or to do life with them before we sign our lives away. To keep up with survey results, like us on Facebook, or find us on


Stony Rhodes & LaKenya Moore 


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