Miracle League Buddy Registration 2017
If we were to tell you about an organized youth baseball league, you might call it ordinary.

If we were to tell you the athletes are physically and mentally disabled, you might call it touching.

If you were to see them play, you might call it a miracle.

**Miracle League Buddies are responsible for assisting children with physical and development disabilities play baseball. Each game buddies are to help their team and child understand and play the game of baseball. Buddies get to know their child and their family in order to ensure they are helping the child as much as possible. Most importantly, buddies and children will HAVE FUN and enjoy the game of baseball together**

If you have any questions regarding buddying and what it entails please contact me (Megan Temple) at mlbuddycoordinator@gmail.com. If you have messed up something on your registration or want to request something specific please email MLbuddydata@gmail.com. Thank you!

This form is the registration for the 2017 Miracle League of Central Ohio Buddy Program. Please be sure that all information entered is accurate and correct.

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**NEW BUDDIES MUST ATTEND TRAINING. If you have already been a buddy you are welcome to come but not required. Shirts will be available at this date and time. Buddy leaders will hold a small training about team specifics 15 minutes before the first game.
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