PECS Summer Bootcamp Exit Survey 2022
Thank you for your participation in the PECS Summer 2022 Bootcamp for college readiness. Completion of BOTH the intake form at the beginning of the session and the evaluation form at the end of the session will equal ONE ADDITIONAL entry into our raffle for monetary scholarships, to be distributed in early fall.

NOTE: Your individual responses are confidential.

Participation in this survey is voluntary, and you may leave at any time. However, incomplete responses will not be eligible for entry into the scholarship raffle.
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Student Name (First Last): *
Email: *
Student Email: *
High School: *
Session: *
Rate the college application aid you have received during the PECS Summer 2022 Bootcamp: *
Overall, how satisfied are you with the mentors and information provided by the Summer 2022 Bootcamp? *
Extremely satisfied
In comparison to any previous college aid you have received, please rate the quality of assistance provided by mentors at the PECS Summer 2022 Bootcamp: *
Very good
Receiving one-on-one feedback
Expressing ideas clearly
Providing useful information
Teaching concepts otherwise uncomfortable with a peer
How engaged was your mentor when helping you? *
Not engaged
Extremely engaged
Please rate how helpful your mentor was in meeting your needs: *
Not helpful at all
Extremely helpful, addressed all my needs
What is the name of your mentor, and what feedback do you have for them? (Positive or negative) *
Rate how well the PECS Summer 2022 Bootcamp helped you with your understanding of the following:
Reflecting on your experience, rate your current understanding of selecting colleges that are right for you, writing essays to reflect your strengths and maturity, navigating college portals, and applying for financial aid.
Selecting Colleges that are Right for Me: *
No understanding
Good understanding, but I'd still like help
College Essay Writing: *
No understanding
Good understanding, but I'd still like help
Navigating College Portals: *
No understanding
Good understanding, but I'd still like help
Applying for Financial Aid *
No understanding
Good understanding, but I'd still like help
If you were not considering pursuing post-secondary education (i.e., two year program, four year program, etc.) before, are you now considering applying? *
How many schools do you plan on applying to? *
Overall, how motivated are you to work on college applications after participating in the PECS Summer 2020 Bootcamp? *
Not motivated at all
Extremely motivated
What summer bootcamp programs did you enjoy the most/ find the most helpful? *
What did you not enjoy/did not find helpful? What can we improve in the future? *
How likely are you to recommend the PECS Summer Bootcamp to other students? *
Not likely
Extremely likely
Please note additional comments/ questions/ concerns/ or suggestions for improvement that you have below: *
Thank you!
Thank you for participating in the PECS Summer 2020 Bootcamp for college readiness. We hope you have enjoyed your experience. Remember, after completion of the intake form and this evaluation form, you will receive an additional entry to our scholarship raffle. Winners of the raffle will be announced and contacted in early fall.
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