MKRLAB Workshop Proposal Form
Welcome, future MKRLAB facilitators!

One of our key goals at MKRLAB is to build community and help our community members grow, share and learn from one another. We feel there is no better way to do this than to celebrate the skilled makers right here in our own backyard by having you share your skills, knowledge and experience with the rest of the community!

If you've always wanted to teach, pass on your skills and knowledge, and give back to your community, now's your chance! Become a self-employed workshop facilitator and join the MKRLAB team as an independent partner! We seek to provide our facilitators a mutually rewarding opportunity that will support them as freelance artisans and makers, support the local economy and help MKRLAB create a dynamic programming schedule.

This proposal form is just a starting point to get to know a bit about you and the type of workshop you might like to run. We will work with you to shape and design your workshop, advertise, collect registrations and payments, allocate necessary space and work together to find a mutually beneficial date and time for your workshop, and more. There will always be a staff member available to assist you if needed during your session(s).

The aims of our workshops are to teach community members new skills and to help them practice and develop their proficiency in these skills with a teacher/facilitator. We want participants to come away from a workshop having made something, feeling proud of their accomplishment and newly learned skills, and being able to take on independent personal projects in the future.

Some options you may find interesting:
- you can teach an intro to something
- you can offer one session or several continuous sessions
- you can choose a target audience
- you can team teach or co-facilitate with a partner

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Thank you for completing the MKRLAB workshop proposal form. You can complete multiple forms for different workshop proposals. We will be in touch with you to discuss your proposal. Please allow for approximately two weeks for us to contact you.
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