Help De Sering!
De Sering is looking toward finding a long term location in the near future. At this new location we have two goals. We want to build a community center that is deeply rooted in the area. And a place were activists of all stripes can meet, organize, learn and unite.

In order to realise these ambitions we will need a lot of help. This help can be very direct and practical (cooking, painting, cleaning, building) or more complex and involved (building contracts within local government, financial and legal advise, construction, and so on).

From the 1st of August onward we will serve a free meal for all volunteers and those that are interested at 17:30. Afterwards we hold our weekly open meeting. If you want to learn more about our future plans you can join a weekly ''Intro to de Sering'' talk at 17:00. The location is Stadhouderskade 141.

If you have any questions you can contact us at:
Telephone number: 0616870053
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