Business Sign-on Letter in Support of Dedicated Wildlife Conservation Funding
To business partners of the Alliance for America's Fish & Wildlife and other members of the private sector,

The partners of the Alliance for America's Fish & Wildlife and the broader community of stakeholders engaged in and supportive of fish and wildlife conservation seek your support for a known solution to America's wildlife crisis, the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act recently introduced by Representatives Dingell (D-MI) and Fortenberry (R-NE). We believe this legislation represents a proactive path to preventing one-third of wildlife species in the U.S. from becoming further threatened or endangered. We need your help to ensure this solution is enacted.

Today we are facing historic species declines that threaten Americans’ quality of life, our national economy, and create regulatory uncertainty for businesses and industries, further impacting jobs and the health of our communities. The American outdoor recreation economy generates $887 billion annually, and of that, wildlife-associated recreation accounts for $140 billion. Private sector businesses in this country support wildlife conservation because healthy wildlife drives business and creates economic opportunity, especially in rural communities.

Please continue to the next page to view the letter, and complete the short sign-on letter form to show your support to Congress for this critically needed dedicated funding for proactive, non-regulatory fish and wildlife conservation.

Thank you for your consideration and leadership in collaborative conservation.

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