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Procedures & Terms:

1. This form must be completed for any event not organized or sponsored by IFP. A verbal request for reserving the Center is not valid. This form must be completed and turned into the IFP Activities Committee chair for the requested time to be blocked on the IFP Community Center calendar.

2. If the proposed activity has not been conducted before at the Center, the Shura will conduct a quick review in consultation with the Imam. A majority of the Shura members must not approve the activity for it to be denied.

3. Smoking, fighting, dancing, un-Islamic forms of song and music, and consuming alcohol and pork, are not permitted on IFP premises.

4. The host is responsible for organizing the table and chairs for the activity. Care should be taken to avoid damage to this equipment.

5. The host is required to keep the facility clean. Any violators will be given a warning the first time, but repeat offenders will no longer be able to reserve the facility in the future.

6. The use of the kitchen is included in the reservation. The stove is to be used for warming food only and not for cooking purposes. Food, drinks and other leftovers must be Islamic Foundation of PeoriaCommunity Center Reservation Form removed from the kitchen and hall at the end of the event. Please refer to the IFP cleaning checklist posted on the kitchen notice board.

7. At the end of the activity, the facility must be returned to the state in which it was found. This applies to cleanliness, table and chair arrangement, and thermostat setting.

8. A fee of $100 is charged to use the center plus a $100 deposit. Consumables such as paper products, burners for chaffing dishes, and table covers can be provided by IFP for an additional fee of $100. Payments can be made via cash or check (payable to IFP).

9. The $100 deposit will forfeited if any of the following violations occur: • If there is any damage to the facility and/or equipment. If the damage is excessive, the host will be charged an additional amount to cover the repairs. • If the facility is not cleaned per requirements stated above. • If food and trash are not removed from the premises after the activity.

10. This reservation only permits activities in the Center. The Masjid building is not in the scope of this reservation. Extending the activity into the masjid building is strictly prohibited.

11. The activity should pause to allow attendees time for Wudu and Salah.

12. IFP will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items during rental period. IFP is not responsible for any personal and/or property damage occurring to the parties involved in attending the activity.

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