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In my time outside startup investing (at Julian.capital), I run private Zoom groups to teach advanced writing. It keeps me sharp, and I really enjoy it. We'll meet twice per week for 2 months. It costs $4K per month for up to 4 people on your team. My goal is to help you become a significantly better writer of nonfiction. I sincerely care about doing a good job, which is why I only teach several companies at a time.

First, if you haven't already, you should consult my Writing Well guide to learn my approach to writing.

Here's what happens in our private sessions: I briefly lecture my unpublished material and techniques, I run through my own work and dissect what people like about it, I dissect YOUR submitted work in real time, give you personalized feedback on your strengths and weaknesses, and I answer all your questions. We'll have a lot of time together and you won't feel rushed. Also, group members can optionally read each other's writing to provide feedback. As a secondary focus, I'll also touch on storytelling and audience building.

I'll be tripling the price shortly and making it exclusively for enterprises, but I'm keeping it at $4K per month for these initial batches. This means it's currently $8K total for two months. Note that most teams use this teaching to train executives in becoming better written communicators.

Julian Shapiro
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