West Central Elementary School Title 1 Family Engagement and Equity Survey FY20
Dear Parent/Guardian and Family Members,

Rome City Schools conducts outreach to all parents and family members and supports successful school and family interactions. Your help in planning these family engagement efforts is appreciated. Please complete the following survey to provide your recommendations into our efforts to help you support your child's learning and educational success. Thank you so much for your time!
1. What grade level(s) is your child in? *
2. What language do you speak at home? *
3. How well do you feel your child’s school provides parents and family members with opportunities to share feedback and ideas regarding the school’s parent and family engagement program and activities? *
4. Did you attend a meeting this school year where the goals and activities of the Title I program were discussed with parents and family members? *
5. How would you like to see the parent and family engagement funds used at your child’s school? (check all that apply) *
6. What would help you participate more in decision making and the overall academic achievement in your child’s school? (check all that apply) *
7. Have you been given opportunities to provide input into school decisions? *
8. How well does the school encourage you to play a role in the school improvement planning process? *
9. Check all the items that you participated in the development and review of in the past year? *
10. How well does your child’s school provide information that is easy to understand? *
11. How would you prefer to receive information from your child’s school? (check all that apply) *
12. How well does school leadership maintain an environment in which staff, parents, and the community work together to improve student achievement? *
13. What type of informational programs would you like the school to provide for parents? (check all that apply) *
14. In the past year, how often did you attend a parent meeting or event to help you work with your child to do better in school? *
15. How well do you feel the school creates a welcoming environment for parents? *
16. Which of the following would enable you to participate in parent meetings and school activities? (check all that apply) *
17. We greatly appreciate your participation in this survey. Please add any additional comments and/or suggestions below to enhance the Family Engagement Program at our school to ensure student success.
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