Call for Proposals – Polyglot Gathering Bratislava 2019
If you'd like to attend the Polyglot Gathering 2019 in Bratislava as a speaker, fill in this questionnaire to let us know what you'd like to talk about. You have time until 10 February 2019 AoE (Anywhere on Earth). We'll get back to selected speakers by 24 February 2019.

All speakers must be registered as participants as well:

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Is this proposal for a talk or a workshop? We are searching for 45-minute and 105-minute (a double slot) talks on languages, learning methods, related jobs and stories, interesting projects and games, workshops, mini language courses, interactive tutorials on how to learn language related skills. Also, we'd like to offer space for other workshops (juggling, singing, dancing, you name it!) held in specific languages. *
We do more than encourage our speakers to give talks in other languages than English or even in a combination of them. Please write the language(s) you'd like to give your talk in. If you feel comfortable giving it one of several languages, write them here. We'll pick one for you. *
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What is the title of your talk/workshop (in the language of the talk)? *
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Write a short description of your talk/workshop that would go into the booklet if selected. Try to make it as intriguing for the participants as possible (up to 200 words in the language of the talk/workshop) *
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What information would you like to include about yourself? Give a short bio that will be published in the conference booklet and on the website. Write in the 3rd person (up to 100 words in English) *
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Any private information / questions for the organizers? Technical requirements for your talk/workshop, time constraints, maximal number of attendees, link to some previous conference talk video?
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