Kluane Red Squirrel Project (KRSP) Prospective Field Tech Survey
These are mandatory questions for any prospective KRSP field technicians. Please answer all questions honestly and to the best of your abilities.
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Do you have an allergy to peanut butter or any type of nuts?
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Of the following options, what are your desired dates of work?
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What is your citizenship?
Do you have a valid passport?
Is there any reason why you wouldn’t be allowed into Canada?
Do you have a valid driver’s license and a relatively clean driving record?
Are you First Aid certified?
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Are you red/green color blind?
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Describe your past research experience.
Describe your experience with small mammals.
Describe your experience with handling animals.
Describe your experience with VHF telemetry.
Describe your experience with computers, data entry, or programming.
Describe an example that illustrates your ability to pay attention to detail and enter data carefully and legibly/accurately.
How do you mitigate errors when entering data?
Describe your experience with working in remote field locations such as "off grid" locations
Do you own basic field equipment like a warm sleeping bag and binoculars?
Do you have experience working in areas with many mosquitoes?
Describe any experience you have working, hiking, or camping in bear country. Do you have any anxiety about working in bear country? If yes, please explain.
Do you have any anxiety about working alone in the field? If yes, please explain.
Any major fear of heights or inability to climb trees?
If you are applying for a spring position, it will involve snowshoeing and working in very cold conditions. What previous winter experience do you have?
Do you have experience with working early mornings? If yes, please explain.
Do you have experience with working late nights? If yes, please explain.
Describe your educational experience in terms of degree, field of study, name of university, and year degree was obtained.
Describe your favorite field job so far.
What would you say was your best and worst days in the field?
What are some of your weaknesses as a field technician that you are trying to improve?
There will be a “head technician” in Squirrel Camp, but you will be working largely independently. Are you comfortable working independently?
You will be working closely with others, as well as with many other technicians. What are some of the things that you have seen work really well in a field crew and what hasn’t worked?
How do you manage conflict when it arises with a colleague?
Describe any significant leadership experience in the past that will help you either: 1) make joint decisions or 2) take a leadership role if the other person is not showing initiative.
Give an example of a time you asked for help and accepted help from others.
Are you aware that this project is not a conservation project?
What are some skills that you would bring to this position?
Why do you want to work at this job?
Any questions about the work?
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