College Road Trip 2019
Please fill out this application in order to be considered to go on our annual college road trip with NDSM. Application is due by 3/28/19 and $50.00 deposit is due by 4/05/19. Here is the unofficial itinerary:

Day 1 April 23rd: Carroll and UW- Madison

Day 2 April 24th- Carthage and UW- Whitewater

Day 3 April 25th and Day 4 April 26th (Overnight to Chicago)- Loyola, Elmhurst, DePaul

This schedule is subject to change as far as location. All other aspects will not change. If you have any questions or know any other junior interested in going please do not hesitate in sending me their email. You will be contacted by April 1st if you are chosen to go.

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The following questions should be answered thoughtfully and carefully. There is no limit or minimum length requirement, but your responses must show that you have a strong desire to participate in the trip. Your responses will be used to choose which applicants will participate in the trip if more than 10 students turn in applications and deposits. 1)Why would you like to go on this College Trip? 2)What majors are you interested in? 3) Do you want to live away from home? Why? 4) How will this trip help you? *
Are you willing to help with all fundraising efforts? *
Please write below when you can make your $50.00 deposit. The latest date you can bring it in is 4/05/19. *
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