Digital Literacy Confidence Level
Digital literacy is the ability to know relevant and reliable sources of online information and to search for sources with accuracy, ease and effectivity. Establishing a "digital identity" is part of digital literacy.

How confident are you in navigating the digital landscape? Who are you in the digital world?

Answer these questions as honestly as possible to be able to gauge your digital confidence level and understand one's digital identity. 1 - Not Confident ; 2 - Confident ; 3 - Very Confident

Source: The Open University, Being Digital: Learning Log

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I know what categories of users I can expect to find online.
I can explain what happens to the information I put out online (digital footprint).
I know how to choose the right tool to find, use or create information.
I know how to present myself responsibly online (digital identity)
I can find resource persons and experts online and establish professional, respectful and civil conversations with them.
I can use tools and websites to find information online.
I can determine and establish the origin, authorship and ownership of information I find online.
I can determine and establish online information that can re-used legally.
I know the information I need and I can find and locate it online and in different library databases.
I know how to use different search strategies.
I can use keywords unique and specialised to my discipline when searching online.
I can use social networks and social media as sources of valid and reputable information.
I know when to change my search strategy when it is not working.
I can filter and funnel search results or hits from library databases, search engines and websites.
I know how to scan and skim pages and content of different sources of information and media communication tools.
I am subscribed to online networks, organisations and RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds.
I can use information in different media and formats, like podcasts, videos, vlogs, microblogs, ebooks, etc.
I can assess and evaluate if an online source, media format and resource person is credible and trustworthy.
I know how to use other people's work without committing plagiarism.
I know how to cite references of an online source using correct and accepted citation formats.
I know how to keep a record and document relevant information I find online.
I use social bookmarking tools to organise and share information.
I know how to share files legally with others.
I observe netiquette and the appropriate social conventions when communicating with others online.
I can write and communicate for different audiences to fellow netizens.
I know how to work with others online to create a shared document or presentation.
I know how to use media-capture devices for creating, editing and communicating online.
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