Travel Award application for Internet & Audiology meeting 2019
We are pleased to announce that up to five travel scholarships will be awarded. Five scholarships of up £1000 will be awarded to cover the cost of travel and attendance at the conference. Recipients will be reimbursed after the conference for expenses accompanied by a receipt. We will provide further guidance of eligible expenses to the successful applicants. Applications need to be submitted by 1 February 2019; decisions will be emailed to you by 1 March, 2019. The conference organizers will be responsible for selecting the winners. Their decisions are final.

Be engaged in research, clinical care or other area directly related to e-health and audiology
Be available to attend the whole conference
Be willing to give a podium presentation or present a poster

To apply for a scholarship, please submit your application below.
• Submit an essay of up to 800 words explaining what you hope to gain from attending this meeting. If you have experience with ehealth or teleaudiology, we would like to hear about it in your essay, however a lack of experience will not preclude you from receiving a scholarship.
• Submit a 300-word abstract for a podium or poster for presentation

Selection Criteria
We will look to select individuals whose essay demonstrates a good rationale for attending the meeting, a potential to contribute to the field and financial need.

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