Emergency Assistance Grant Application
Policy II - Emergency Assistance Grant

1. Individuals experiencing immediate personal financial need may apply for Emergency Assistance Grants to a maximum of five hundred dollars ($500.00).

2. Emergency Assistance Grant applications must include, if applicable:
2.1. Completed Student Emergency Financial Grant Request Form;
2.1.1. The Grant Request Form shall include, but may not be limited to the following: Contact information; Sources of Income; Monthly Expenses; and, Semester Expenses.
2.2. Letter of intent;
2.3. Copy of bank statements for the past 30 days;
2.4. Copy of last two pay stubs;
2.5. Letter of enrollment from the Registrar's Office;
2.6. Letter of financial standing from the Cash Office;
2.7. Copy of any bills from the past 30 days;
2.8. Proof that other possible funding sources have been exhausted; and,
2.9. Any relevant documentation.

3. The Executive Council has the authority to approve any Emergency Assistance Grant application.
3.1. The VP Operations and Finance may request an interview with the applicant prior to the vote to approve the Emergency Assistant Grant;
3.2. Any discussion of Emergency Assistance Grants during an Executive Council Meeting shall occur in-camera; and,
3.3 To protect the confidentiality of the applicant, the motion to approve or deny an Emergency Assistance Grant shall not refer to the applicant by name.

4. 4.1. The VP Operations and Finance will keep a record of approved and denied emergency assistance grants for the past five (5) years at which time the records will be destroyed. The records shall be kept confidential and will only be view able to the VP Operations and Finance and the General Manager.

If you do not have the documentation in a digital form you may take a picture of the documents and use that, or, you can go to the library and scan the documents.

The form is as followed:
Section 1: your basic information and reason for applying
Section 2: Monthly income and expenses
Section 3: Further documentation outlined in the policy (Policy II - 2.3 to 2.9)

Email address *
Name *
Phone # *
Mailing Address *
# street, City, Province
Student ID *
# of classes enrolled in *
Field of Study *
Year of study *
Expected date of graduation *
Married or Single? *
Ages of Children (if applicable)
Reason for Request *
Letter of Intent stating your circumstances which caused your need for assistance, as well as your financial position.
Amount Requesting *
Maximum allowance of $500
Date Funds are needed by *
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