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Please select how you rank the metallurgical engineering graduates of MYD working in your organization based on your agreement with the given statement.
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5: Excellent   4: Very Good   3: Good   2: Satisfactory   1: Unsatisfactory
PEO 1: Demonstrate strong competence and analytical skills in the field of Metallurgical Engineering.
Q1. Have strong foundation in Metallurgical Engineering. *
PEO 2: Work, manage and communicate effectively in multi-disciplinary teams.
Q2. Ability of research and innovation *
Q3. Ability to provide industrial solutions for engineering and technical problems *
PEO 3: Carry on professional and ethical values and commitment towards continuous professional growth and embroil with lifelong learning.
Q4. Ability to lead / work in teams *
Q5. Address societal and technical / business challenges *
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