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<div style="height:120px;width:450px;font:12px/22px Georgia, Garamond, Serif;overflow:scroll;">In order to participate with the Franchisor Pipeline website as an advisor, broker, investment banker, or other representative of a selling franchisor (an "M&A Advisor"), I acknowledge and agree, on behalf of the M&A Advisor identified below and its affiliates ("M&A Representative"), that:

1. Franchisor Pipeline shall have full discretion to determine whether or not M&A Representative will be linked to the Franchisor Pipeline website and, if so linked, may remove the link in its discretion at any time. Franchisor Pipeline shall also have sole discretion as to the design, content, format and placements for any franchisor seller listings presented by M&A Representative, and shall retain all ownership rights with respect to the design, content and format developed by Franchisor Pipeline for the franchisor seller listings.

2. M&A Representative represents and warrants that M&A Representative has full authority to list any franchisor sellers presented by M&A Representative for listing on the Franchisor Pipeline website, and that all information provided to Franchisor Pipeline will be accurate and up-to-date. M&A Advisor also agrees to update such information in the event of any material change.

3. Franchisor Pipeline provides no assurance or warranty that M&A Representative or the listed franchisor seller will receive any business or leads from from the franchisor seller being listed on the Franchisor Pipeline website, or from M&A Representative being linked as a representative for the franchisor seller.

4. If the M&A Representative is linked, M&A Representative grants permission to Franchisor Pipeline to display M&A Representative's logo, to refer to M&A Representative, and to link to M&A Representative's website, social media and mobile sites, and email addresses provided by M&A Representative.

5. Unless M&A Representative receives prior written consent from Franchisor Pipeline, M&A Representative agrees, while linked as a representative for a franchisor seller, and for two years after M&A Representative is no longer so linked, to not directly or indirectly, by itself or in conjunction with or through any other person or entity:

a. divert or attempt to divert any prospective or actual seller, buyer, or other business or participant away from Franchisor Pipeline; and

b. establish, develop, design, build, operate, own, maintain, assist with, or have an other proprietary or similar interest in a website intended to specialize in the matchmaking of franchisors with those interested in acquiring franchisors or interests in franchisors.

6. In connection with its activities as the representative of a listed franchisor seller, M&A Representative agrees to comply with all applicable laws and to assure that its affiliates, employees, contractors and agents do so as well.

7. M&A Representative agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Franchisor Pipeline and its affiliates, employees, contractors, and agents from any and all liability and expenses that may arise, directly or indirectly, from any and all activities of M&A Representative as a representative of a listed franchisor seller.

8. The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, as each may be amended from time to time, shall govern and apply to the relationship between M&A Representative and Franchisor Pipeline. </div>
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