Sign Up Form Introduction Weekend Commotie 2019
Sign up now for the Commotie Introduction Weekend 2019 by filing out and sending the following form.

The costs are as following:
€45 for members of study association Commotie
€50 for non-members of study association Commotie
*Note that these are the costs without the transportation to Gorredijk. If necessary, participants need to provide their own valid transport tickets from Groningen to Gorredijk

If you become a member of Commotie, you will receive a €5 discount on the entire introduction weekend. Besides that you can order your books with a discount on the Commotie website. For only €16,- per year you can profit from these and many more advantages at Commotie, so don't hesitate to become a member!

You can become a member via the website:

Once you've received a confirmation email you're officially signed up for the introduction weekend.
If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us by sending an email to

We hope to see you at the Introduction Weekend from September 6th - September 8th!
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If you become a member of Commotie, you will receive a €5,- discount on the introduction weekend. Besides this, you will get a members discount on your books and there are many other benefits! Sign up to become a member of Commotie via
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€45 for Commotie members and €50 for non-members
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The Social Activities committee, nor study association Commotie will not be held liable for theft, damage or loss of properties during the introduction weekend. If possession of drugs or alcoholic beverages is detected, immediate removal from the introduction weekend will follow, without any refund of costs. You can cancel your registration for free up until Monday the 20th of August. If you cancel after this date, Commotie will be forced to withdraw the costs from you bank account anyway.
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