Youth Safety Culture Survey
The aim of this survey is to gain an understanding of how safe and prepared for natural and manmade disasters the young in Western Balkan countries feel.

The survey is conducted as part of the Knowledge for Resilient Society (K-FORCE) project ( funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ scheme. The information will be used to better develop and implement curricula in the field of Disaster Risk Management and Fire Safety at Universities in Serbia, Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The survey is anonymous and will take you approximately 5 minutes to fill out. Please faithfully represent your beliefs and knowledge while answering the questions.

In order for you to find it easier for you to fill the survey out, we will give you a few definitions:
A disaster is an event, caused by natural elements or man, that can cause catastrophic consequences to human lives and material objects, for example an earthquake, flood, fire etc.
Disaster risk management is the assessment of how likely is a disaster to happen in an area and what should be done in order to minimize the consequences.

Thank you for your time!

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