Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 9 Judge Interest Form
Heya, folks! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

To create the ChipWIN Volume judging panel in the past, I've reached out to folk that I've had established working relationships with and that I thought would both be interested and available to dive into a massive pile of chiptunes with a critical ear and an excited heart. I've always tried to bring in folks with different expertise, and from varying communities, efforts, and collectives all over the world.

The goal has always been to form a panel of folks that represent the full range of talent in our worldwide scene, are respected as an artist and/or curator of chipmusic & chip adjacent music, and are able to uphold the Mission and Values of the Chiptunes = WIN organization.

This year, we're trying a slight variation on that concept in hopes to further increase the diversity of the Volume 9 panel: this interest form!

If you think you'd be a good addition to this panel, and have ears that can handle the *bevy* of critical listening that this process entails (i.e. it's a *LOT*), please fill out this form for consideration.

Please keep in mind that not everyone who applies will make the panel. As per the previous years, it will be limited in scope to between 7 and 10 people total. Previous judges may apply, but I'm hoping to discover and primarily feature some fresh new faces that I may not have otherwise considered.

IMPORTANT NOTE: before filling out this form, please read through the following Judging Guidelines to better understand the process and learn what would be expected of you:
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Did I mention yet that it's a *LOT* of critical listening?
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