Clinical Problem Submission
By submitting a problem here, you give permission to Sling Health to present the problem to students in this year and subsequent years, until the problem is solved. The hope is that students will be equipped with the skills, mentorship, and resources necessary to solve the problem.
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The more specific you can be, the better. We want teams to have a somewhat tangible problem that may lead to a marketable technology. Regardless, the hope is that a Sling Health team will work with you (and/or other advisors) to design an engineering solution to the problem.
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Who would you like to work on this problem?
Sling Health is a national network, but we understand some physicians and problem submitters would prefer there problem worked on locally. Please select the Sling Health groups you would like your problem made available to. By default, problems will be made available to all Sling Health teams.
If your problem is chosen, how would you like to be involved?
Sling Health operates around student driven teams. Problems submitters can be involved and helpful to these teams in different ways. How would you prefer to interface with a team working on your submitted problem?
What are some potential difficulties or shortcomings of your submitted problem?
For a team working to solve your submitted problem, what would hold them back?
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