Seller's Survey
By answering this survey, you will provide information that will help me best determine the best price to list your house, a good timeline in which to do so, and also gives insight into your motivations and reasons for selling. It will also provide me with great selling features and qualities about your home, and alert me to some potential negatives for buyers. Please take just a few moments to answer each question, and then I can get to work.
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*Please tell me your Legal Name, as that is what I would include in any real estate documents, but also in parentheses what you would like me to call you.Your answer
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What is the address of the property you want to sell? Include number, street, city, state and zip. *
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First, let me verify that you do not already have your home listed with another real estate agent under a listing contract? *
What other person(s) live with you in the home that may also be a decision maker in the listing and selling process, and would need to sign any real estate documents?
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Do you plan on interviewing more than one agent for the job to sell your house?
What are the top three qualities you look for in a real estate agent?
How would you like to be communicated with, when I become your listing agent? This would include scheduling showings, receiving feedback from showings, and other updates on your listings.
How frequently would you like an update on marketing efforts?
I would like to find out a little about your motivations for selling your house, as it can help me tailor our marketing efforts. Why are you moving?
How soon do you need your house to be sold, ideally?
What improvements have you made in the last 7-10 years to the property?
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Realistically, do you have a price in mind that you feel the home must sell for? What is it?
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If your home, properly marketed at that list price, did not sell, and feedback indicated it was priced too high, would you be open to a price reduction to bring it in line with market value?
Please check any items you are most concerned about in the marketing and selling process, if any.
How quickly would you be ready to list the home and start showing to prospective buyers?
Would you like some assistance and advice in staging your home to make it ready for the market and most appealing to buyers?
If what I say during our face to face meeting makes sense, and you feel comfortable and confident that I can sell your home for the best price and in the shortest amount of time possible, are you planning to list your home with me at the end of the meeting?
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey to assist me in preparing my analysis of your home prior to our scheduled meeting. I look forward to seeing you and your home.
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