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The Self-Interview process
This is a five-part self-interview process in which you are going to honestly interview yourself about how ready you really are to start a construction business.

The areas covered include:
a look inside your head (PERSONAL),
a look at the business you want to start (BUSINESS),
a look at how well you know your market (MARKETING),
what it is that you are going to be offering to the market (PRODUCT), and
how well you have thought through the finances of the new enterprise (FINANCE).

By the end of the process, and it’s a lengthy one, you’re going to have a much better idea of how to proceed with your dream so it doesn't become a nightmare.

SOME LOGISTICS: At the beginning of each session, you are going to be asked for your email, full name, and company name. Providing this information will direct a copy of the form to your email address and enable you to edit and re-access that information as you complete the checklists.

Of course, we will not be sharing any of the information you provide with anyone other than you.

All information is for your use only.

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