Missionary Cooperative Program 2020 Missionary Application
Please fill out the following form completely before submitting. Only forms submitted online will be considered for inclusion in the Missionary Cooperative Program (MCP). Forms emailed, faxed, or sent by mail will not be reviewed for consideration.
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If you do not have a website, please copy and paste a link to your mission's facebook page.
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An online video interview is required if your application is accepted for the next step BEFORE being approved and accepted to make an appeal. No interviews will be conducted by phone. No exceptions. We cannot support FaceTime. Skype and Zoom are the only programs supported at this time. PLEASE ONLY PUT DOWN A REGISTERED SKYPE ID OR ZOOM ID, OR YOUR APPLICATION WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.
Missionary Languages (Fluency in English is Required) *
Available to Celebrate Mass (if applicable)? *
Dates Unavailable to Make the Appeal *
Please indicate dates on which you are unable to make the appeal. If you have no restrictions, please indicate that in the space provided. Missionary Appeals CANNOT be scheduled during Second Collection weekends, which occur on the following dates in 2020: January 4-5, January 25-26, February 1-2, February 26 (Ash Wednesday), February 29-March 1, March 21-22, April 10 (Good Friday), April 25-26, May 16-17, May 23-24, June 27-28, July 11-12, September 5-6, October 17-18, October 24-25, November 21-22, December 12-13. Obviously, we also do not schedule appeals during Lent, Easter, Advent, and Christmas.
Payment Information
Please complete the following so that payment may be made in a timely and efficient manner. Money will be sent to the missionary group by check [only US based groups can receive a check] or by wire transfer. Check or wire transfers will only be sent in the name of the Bishop/Provincial of the Diocese or Congregation. Please note, if you are requesting a wire transfer, you must provide all information or your application will not be considered.
Payment Method *
For Check: Diocese/Congregation Name, Name of Bishop/Superior, Address, City, State, Zip
For Wire Transfer (in the U.S.): Account Name, Account Number, Purpose, Bank Name to Credit, and Bank ABA#
For Wire Transfer (in the U.S.): Account Name, Account Number, Purpose, Bank Name to Credit, and Bank ABA#
For Wire Transfer (Outside the US.) Part 1: Intermediary Account Name, Intermediary Account Number, Intermediary Bank Name, intermediary Bank Address
For Wire Transfer (Outside the US.) Part 2: Account Name to Credit, Account Number to Credit, Bank Name to Credit, Bank Address, SWIFT Code
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