Indie Prize Judge. Tel Aviv (November 1-3, 2016)

Dear judge!

Thank you for your interest in Indie Prize!

Indie Prize is an international scholarship program for indie developers. We receive more than 1000 game applications during the year that means up to 300-400 submissions for one show. All the games will be sorted by platforms so please fill in below what platforms you have access to according to your reply you will receive games to play during 10 days after the submission deadline.

DEADLINE: September 14

You will receive a spreadsheet with the list of games closer to the submission deadline. Please fill in front of each game marks from 1 to 5 for each category (9 categories = 9 nominations at Indie Prize Awards). According to this marks we'll select the games that will be accepted into the showcase. The main score is related to all the games and I will use these points to make the list of 100 finalists. If the bonus score will make a big difference with the main score (it can happen with VR games, Multiplayer games etc) I will adjust the list and add bonus points to the main score to level up the game in the list.

DEADLINE: October 7

Winners will be selected in the second round. When all the participants will confirm their intense to come to the conference and showcase the game I will send to all the judges the list of 100 finalists and judges will have 10 days to send their scores.


1. Please do not move and do not change A-Z columns as all the spreadsheets are synchronized.
2. Put only numbers from 1 to 5 in the corresponding columns.
3. If you need to make notes please use the column "You can put your notes here"

The judges are granted with a free ticket to Casual Connect.
Feel free to ask me any further questions!
Many thanks and hope you'll enjoy playing games!

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    If you have questions or propositions please feel free to mail us at