PyCon Canada 2017 Financial Aid Application

Thank you for applying for financial aid! We're excited that we can help you attend!

The financial aid application process looks like this:

1. You fill out and submit this form. Hurra!

2. Within 48 hours we'll review your submission and may contact you if we need more information.

3. We'll review all of the applications and send out acceptances and rejections by the deadlines below (or earlier, if you've listed a hard deadline)


- Sunday, Sep 10th: deadline for applications for the first round, which will be sent out by Sunday, Sept 17th.

- Friday, Oct 6th: deadline for applications for the second round, which will be sent out by Friday, Oct 13th.


Q: Financial aid would help me, but there are definitely people who need it more than I do. Should I submit an application?
A: Yes! Yes you should submit an application. You may not get the full amount you've requested, but we can almost certainly help.

Q: How is financial aid allocation determined?
A: We try to maximize the value that every financial aid dollar brings to the recipient, to PyCon Canada, and to the Python community at large.

Q: Should I buy a ticket?
A: No, not yet. Applicants receiving grants will also receive a ticket, and applicants which don't receive a grant will be given the option to purchase a ticket (even if tickets are otherwise sold out).

Q: Can you provide a letter of invitation for my visa application?
A: Yes! Please contact and tell us what you'll need.

Any questions or comments? Please contact the financial aid team at
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What's your name? *
Are you travelling from outside North America? And, if so, will you need a visa? *
Attendees traveling from overseas: due to limited budget it's unlikely we'll be able to cover the cost of international flights, or requests for more than CA$750. We may still be able to award a partial grant, though, so if you would able to attend with a partial grant, please submit an application!
What country will you be traveling from? *
How much financial aid would make it possible for you to attend PyCon Canada? What is the breakdown of those costs? *
In US$ or CA$ please. Do not include ticket price. For example: flights: CA$300, hotel: CA$200,  dog sitter: CA$200
Do you have a hard deadline for receiving FA?
If there is a hard deadline by which you need to know whether or not you will be receiving financial aid, please let us know here. We will do our best to let you know by that date.
Have you already booked a portion of your trip? (Flights? Hotel? Conference ticket?) *
Would your ability to attend PyCon be affected by receiving only a portion of your grant? *
We try to award the full requested value of grants. In some cases, though, we may award a partial grant – $200 out of a $500 request, for example. How would this affect your ability to attend?
What is your occupation? *
What do you want to get out of PyCon Canada? *
How would you classify your Python experience level? *
How do you use Python? Are you involved in Python-related projects (ex, OSS contributor, organizer, advocate)? *
Have you submitted a talk or tutorial? *
Will this be your first time attending PyCon? *
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