Welcome to Our Custom Wood Sign Process for Classes!
On this form you'll submit your preferences for your board type, size and coloring. You'll also be asked for your design choice. All of the available designs, sizes and costs are on our website to browse. Click https://www.thebarninnorthville.com/customsigndesigns to browse.

*Please Note* We do not recommend filling out the form on a mobile device.

first & last please
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class leader
the individual who put your class together (first & last please)
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class date
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phone number
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my sign will be
would you like us to weed out your sign?
weeding is the process of using an exact knife to separate out your vinyl stencil after our cutter has cut the design into it. if you choose yes we will do this prior to class so your vinyl will be ready to apply to your board when you arrive.
If you selected an existing design please answer the two questions below.
please check our website for the file name of the design you'd like and type it in below. (ex. Christmas - Oh Holy Night) https://www.thebarninnorthville.com/customsigndesigns/
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if the design you selected requires personalization please indicate that information here, then proceed down to board color choices.
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everyone needs to select what look of board they would like below.
If you have selected a design from our site the size should be indicated in the title. Please select that size and whether you'd like your board to be flat or slatted. If you're making a new design please select whichever size you prefer.
what type and size of board would you like? (see example chart below)
if you selected a custom size pine or reclaimed board, please indicate dimensions below
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everyone should answer these last two questions - this is where you tell us what you'd like your board background to look like. we will prep your board with these options and have it ready for you when you arrive at class. our process is to paint your board, sand it down and add stain over the top. you will pick your design colors at your class. If you'd like a custom background other than what we offer it's a $10 fee.
if you selected barn wood and do not want it painted/stained please skip the last two questions
color of your board
please see our color chart below. if you'd just like it stained, with no paint, please leave this blank
Your answer
color of your stain
see board examples below for paint/stain combo outcomes in four different colors
examples of our board finishes
available colors
Great work, you're at the end! If you selected an existing sign design you're all set, just submit your form. If necessary, you will receive a proof prior to your class to confirm your selection and updates. If you selected a brand new design we need you to email us your design details after you submit this form // Signs@TheBarnInNorthville.com. From there we'll get you a proof to approve, or make adjustments until you approve. Proofs may not go out right away, it depends on how full our class schedule is, you will receive it before your class though. thank you!
Once you click submit the site will go blank, just scroll back up to see the confirmation.
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