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HEAT ROLL™ SX-Series Product Description
HEAT ROLL™ SX Series is electric heat trace cable in planar format used over pavement surfaces for snowmelt and de-icing with NFSI certified high-traction safety treads. These heater elements customization across a wide variety of fixed or temporary/portable applications, typically as recognized components for field assembly or manufacturing as a cord-connected appliance.

120VAC or 240VAC (stock)
Max. 45W/sq. ft. (peak consumption per ASHRAE guidelines)
Operating Temperature -40°C to 10°C
Max. Exposure Temp. 60°C (Power Off)
Grounded (Class I) Appliance
Approximate Thickness 0.147 in.
Circuit Lengths, Up to 50 Ft.
Minimum Bend Radius 1-1/2 in.
Cost Effective for Pavement Snowmelt & De-icing Applications

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