Product Specifications
HEAT ROLL™ SX Series is a planar flexible snowmelt and de-icing heat trace panel appliance manufactured roll-to-roll using printed electronic heating elements. Our proprietary modular design and assembly process supports customization across a wide variety of fixed or portable applications, typically as field-assembled devices kits.

EPDM Rubber Covering
Grounded (Class I) Appliance
110 - 120 VAC or 208 - 240 VAC
-40°C to 10°C Operating Temperature
Max. 40W/sq. ft. (Peak consumption per ASHRAE guidelines)
~8W/sq. ft. (Steady-state consumption at 10°C)

Available sizes: 11", 24", 36" and 48" wide
1/8" thick roll in 50ft standard or other custom length

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