Student Out of Bed! A Midnight Hogwarts Escape Adventure
An attack of the munchies leads you on a nighttime mission to find the Hogwarts kitchen for a snack. But one mishap leads to another--will you ever make it to the kitchens, or even find the way back to your Common Room? This virtual escape room is suitable for readers aged 9 and up who have read at least the first three books of the Harry Potter series.
Midnight Munchies
It all started with that hour of detention you got from Professor Snape, who overheard you make a joke about his greasy hair. You had to miss dinner to do the detention, and now it's midnight, and you are wide-awake in your four-poster bed. Your stomach won't stop grumbling. Didn't Fred and George Weasley sometimes sneak into the Hogwarts kitchens for snacks? So why can't you? Sure, you don't exactly know where the kitchens are, but it'll be fun to explore the castle at night.
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