2021 Marching Knights Contract
Welcome to our 2021 marching season Lone Peak Knights!

Here is our 2021 Marching Knights Contract!

Access Important Marching Band Info Here:

As a member of the 2021 Lone Peak High School Marching Knights, I agree to abide by the following policies and procedures. I further understand that for the betterment of the band, a violation of any one of these policies will result in my being reassigned positions or removed from the Lone Peak Marching Knights program.

1) Attendance Policy:

REHEARSAL: Members will be allowed a maximum of: 0 unexcused absences. 3 excused absences and 3 excused Tardies. Our absence request form MUST be filled out 2 weeks PRIOR to requested date. Tardies will be made up after each rehearsal with the section leader. No absence at rehearsal just prior to competition will be excused. All performances, including football games are required.

Here is our marching band schedule:

You can also access our marching band schedule here: Lonepeakbands.com

2) All music must be memorized by the designated deadlines. Music must be passed off to section leaders, designated staff and/or Director. Section leaders are there to help you, so please use their help with the music.

3) Members may be asked to perform their Drill Segments and marching technique for their section leaders, staff and/or Director. Drill segments will include proper field position, horn position, body motion, music performance, etc.

4) “Any U.H.S.A.A. sponsored activities must meet academic eligibility as established by the state or region. Music, Flags, Rifles…when competing must have a 2.0 G.P.A.” Members must maintain a 2.0 grade average to be eligible for competitions. Grades will be checked periodically.

5) All fees are NON REFUNDABLE and must be paid in compliance with the payment schedule.

6) I will do my best to bring positivity and my best self to each rehearsal / event

7) I will do my best to be kind to everyone in the band, including staff members. I understand that Lone Peak Marching Knights has zero tolerance on bullying. If I don’t abide by this, I understand that my participation in this group may be revoked or reassigned.

8) I agree that my social media posts will reflect the band program, staff and band members in a positive manner. Please be responsible in your social media communications.

9) I understand that marching band is a class and I will receive a grade. Grading policies will be updated and sent out with disclosure documents when school begins.

10) I understand that pep band (football games) and parade band, as well as Fall competition season are part of my duties as a Marching Knight.

11) Payment Schedule: ALL PAYMENTS can be made on myschoolfees.com or at the LPHS finance window.

April 26 $200 MB 2021 Pymt #1 Season Fee #1 Deposit (Camps and Clinics)
May 24 $200 MB 2021 Pymt #2 Season Fee #2
June 28 $250 MB 2021 Pymt #3 Season Fee #3
July 26 $200 MB 2021 Pymt #4 St. George Trip Fee
August 30 $100 MB 2021 Pymt #5 Participation Fee
Sept 27 $225 OPT. TRIP PYMT #1 California Tour
Oct 25 $225 OPT. TRIP PYMT #2 California Tour

By submitting this form, I understand and agree to these policies and realize that the success of the Lone Peak Marching Knights is dependent on my dedication and commitment to individual excellence. My attitude and ability will combine with other members to create something truly special.

jkim@alpinedistrict.org - Jamie Kim, Director of Bands
Jordanhope@alpinedistrict.org - Jordan Hope, Director of Percussion, MB Asst. Director
joannconder@alpinedistrict.org - JoAnn Cook, Guard Instructor, MB Asst. Director
all.knights.bands@gmail.com - Jennifer Jackman, Band Booster President
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