#WhatHelpsUs Soundtrack Request Line
Let’s make the soundtrack for the #whathelpsus campaign! Let’s create a playlist of songs that mean a lot to you, and mean a lot to us, and help us feel all of our feelings. What songs help you during this time? What songs perfectly describe how you’re feeling? What songs are just BOPS? Share your song in the form below (and feel free to use the form as many times as you want!). Let us know, and we’ll drop it into our combined playlist!

P.S. If you want to “dedicate” your song to a Positive Friend, or a Mentor, leave that information below and watch our social media for those messages!
Song Title *
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Would you like to dedicate this song to anyone? *
If yes, who's this song dedicated to and why?
Include their name/username and yours too, so we can tag you both on social media!
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