2018-19 Winnetonka Journalism Publication Staff Application
In order to be considered for a staff position, you must complete the application process or be interviewed by Shannon Le Grand (Adviser).

Please answer the following questions, as they apply to you and the job you are applying for, as completely as you can. Your answers will not prevent acceptance to a publications staff; they only let us know how much responsibility you can handle and the amount of time you can dedicate to the work.

Staff members and positions will be announced this semester in an announcement - sometime in March or April.

___ Enroll in the correct class for the publication you wish to join. (see below)
___ Successfully completed at least one prior Journalism class: J1, J1 Photography, J2 MultiMedia, J2 Yearbook or Broadcast OR set up a meeting with Shannon Le Grand (shannonlegrand@nkcschools.org) to discuss waiving prerequisites.
___ Complete the staff application
___ Be available to answer any questions Mrs. Le Grand may have regarding your application.
Which publication would you like to work for? (choose one) *
First Name *
Last Name *
Current grade level (choose one) *
Check all the classes you have completed (received credit for), or plan to complete this year. *
Cell phone (if you do not have one, type 'none') *
School email -- ######@nkcschools.org *
School Gmail (if you do not have one, type 'none') *
Personal Email - that you will check over the summer (if you do not have one, type 'none') *
Birthday, format: (MM/YY) *
Parent contact name *
Parent contact phone number *
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