2020 Middleway Day Event Space Rules and Application
The Middleway Conservancy Association sponsors Middleway Day on the second Saturday in October. This village street festival attracts hundreds of fair goers to our quaint historic district for a day of history, crafts, food, and friendship. Middleway Day includes musical entertainment, kids activities, and an opportunity for local artists and non-profits to interact with their neighbors. If you would like to reserve an event space, please read the following rules and submit this application.


If you have questions about this application or the event, email the coordinators at:

Event Space:

The provided area along the street is 10 feet wide and between 8 and 10 feet deep. The front of any table or tent will be 2 feet from the roadway. Most spaces have a small slope, generally sloping down to the street. No electricity, water, shade/rain cover, chairs, or tables are provided. Tents, canopies, tables, chairs, and benches are welcome, if they fit inside the assigned space. The grass and ground shall not be disturbed or removed during the event. Generators are discouraged. Please contact the coordinators if you wish to bring a generator.

Set-up starts after 7:30 AM on the day of the event, with completion by 9:45 AM The event ends at 3:00 PM and event spaces can be cleaned up after that time. The street will be closed to vehicles between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM, and event spaces should be open for business during that entire time.

Event Space participants are responsible for setup, operation, maintenance, dismantlement, and cleanup of their assigned area. The participant shall maintain a clean and safe operation for the full duration of the event. The participant is expected to comply with all federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations, and they shall have all appropriate licenses, permits, and other required documentation.


Middleway Day features local crafts, businesses, and non-profits. If you have questions regarding how your products or services might fit into our event, contact the coordinators.

The Special Events Committee will limit vendors selling similar products in order to provide variety in this limited space. Only pre-approved food vendors (generally local non-profits) are allowed to sell items that are intended to be consumed during the event.

Middleway Day is a family friendly event, and we expect all participants will conduct themselves in a respectful way. Offensive, dangerous, or illegal products are not allowed, and all items to be sold are subject to approval by the Special Events Committee. Alcohol is prohibited.


The fee for crafts vendors is $20. Payment can be made through check or credit/debit card. A check can be mailed to Middleway Conservancy Assoc., 7365 Queen St., Middleway, WV 25430. Contact the coordinators by email if payment by credit or debit card is required. An application is not complete until the fee is paid.

If you are representing a local non-profit, a political party, or demonstrating an art or skill during the event, contact the coordinators BEFORE sending the fee. Demonstrators can sell their handmade items too, but they are primarily expected to educate visitors, especially children. The generally accepted demonstrated skills are yarn spinning, basketry, stained glass, weaving, etc., but please contact us if you have another hands-on skill that might be a good addition to our event.


Registrations will be accepted until all spaces are filled. For planning purposes, priority consideration will be given to applications received before August 31. If applying after that date, contact the coordinators to verify that spaces are still available.

Rain Policy:

Middleway Day is usually held rain or shine, but we will contact participants by email if plans change. If Middleway Day is completely cancelled, event space fees will be refunded or next year's fee will be waived for those individuals who have paid this year.

Cancellation Policy:

Event space fees are not refunded unless Middleway Day is cancelled.


Middleway Conservancy Association, its representatives, and its members are not responsible for property damages or injuries incurred during Middleway Day. By participating in this event, the vendor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Middleway Conservancy Association, the event committee and their directors, members, sponsors, officers, agents, and staff. This includes any and all liability for damage, health code violations, injury, or loss to any person or goods for any reason.

By clicking the acknowledge checkbox and submitting your application, you agree to the terms and conditions for this event. The Middleway Conservancy Association Special Events committee has sole discretion to approve or reject any application.
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