Svandis Telegram Ambassador Campaign
Dear participants of Svandis Ambassador Campaign! 

We have decided to stop the Twitter and Telegram part of the Ambassador Campaign. We closed new registrations on September 28, 9:00 AM UTC.

We were delighted to see so many people joining our chatroom and Twitter! However, if we keep the Telegram/Twitter parts open, the individual reward will be eventually diluted too much. You are always welcome to join other areas of our Ambassador Campaign - Content and BitcointalkSignatures! Moreover, keep an eye to our news - after the platform release you will be able to run Svandis DataMiningApp (currently under closed community testing) to get rewards in SVN.

What does it mean for the current participants of the Telegram/Twitter Campaigns? 
We will no longer add stakes for any further actions in the Chatroom or Twitter. All stakes will be added after proceeding whole list of all participants.
However, the participants are still required to be in the chat until the end of Svandis Token Sale - we will have to disqualify those who leave the chat ahead of the time. Same with twitter - you need to keep following Svandis official twitter (you may not have retweets/tweets thought). 
Our Bounty Management team will carefully check the participants in order to exclude bots and violators. 
We will do these checks up until the final distribution of the stakes which will happen soon after the Token Sale finishes.  

Tokens for campaigns will be distributed as soon as they will be issued - after the Token Sale.

Thank you all for joining the campaign!  

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