Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form
We are committed to helping people hire fairly. This includes not discriminating under the Equality Act 2010, and encouraging equality and diversity.

Do not put your name on this document. The data will be gathered anonymously.
What is your gender? *
Is your gender identity the same gender you were assigned at birth? *
Are you married or in a civil partnership? *
What is your age? *
What is your ethnicity? Ethnic origin is not about nationality, place of birth or citizenship. It is about the group to which you perceive you belong. *
Do you live with a disability or a health condition? *
What is your sexual orientation? *
What is your religion / belief? *
Do you have caring responsibilities? (tick all that apply) *
In line with our steps for fairer hiring, this data will be used to show the representation of protected characteristics within the field of applicants. The data will be anonymous. (e.g. "10% of applicants were aged 16-24", etc). Do you give permission for your data to be used in this way? *
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