UW Pipeline Project Video Lesson Topic Requests
Please use this form to submit requests for video lessons from the University of Washington's Pipeline Project tutors on specific topics, concepts, problems, or other questions you may have that will further your learning. Video requests can be for all grade levels and all subjects.

We are now open to requests for videos that will be completed May 22nd.
Please submit your request by April 29th. (It is totally okay if you submit after this date - we will continue to monitor this form and pitch the videos to students.) If you already submitted, you are welcome to submit more topics if you have any.

Videos will be 5-10 minutes long and will be available for free at http://tinyurl.com/UWPipelineOnline

Please be as specific as you can, and include examples and links to resources if appropriate! You can fill this out as many times as you'd like but please only include one question or topic per form!

Our first wave of requests that were already submitted are now being worked on by our students and will be complete at the end of April. Thank you for participating and we can't wait to share the videos with you.

Email pipeline@uw.edu for any questions or updates!
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Thank you for submitting! Please check http://tinyurl.com/UWPipelineOnline in the next few weeks to find the video for your topic!
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