Liability Insurance Form
Farmers’ markets that are members of the New Mexico Farmers’ Marketing Association are eligible to buy general liability insurance through the Association. This insurance is for general liability only - it covers the market in the event of a slip & fall, or other freak accident that can’t be linked directly to a vendor; the cost is $10 per vendor. The policy provides up to $2 million dollars ($1 million per incident) in coverage. If you need a proof of insurance certificate, please contact Marcella Nellist at Daniel’s Insurance, at 982-4302, or

Any farmers’ market wishing to participate must submit this paperwork to the NMFMA no later than May 1st. Please include annual membership dues for the Association at the same time. If you can pay for your insurance now, we would greatly appreciate it, otherwise we will send your market a bill for insurance in November.

1. Farmers' market name
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2. Physical location of farmers' market
Please provide the market's street address, or the two nearest cross streets and city.
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3. Primary contact name
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4. Primary contact email
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5. Primary contact phone number
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6. Mailing Address for the Market
This might be your personal mailing address
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7. Average number of vendors during peak season
This information will be used to figure out your insurance costs for the year. If you have more than 30 vendors it may be more cost effective for you to get your own policy—please contact Sarah Grant at for more information.
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8. Amount owed to the NMFMA for your market's liability insurance coverage for this year (please write this down as you will need this number)
Multiply the average number of vendors (from the previous question) by $10.00
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How will you be paying?
Please pay the amount listed above in Q8 to the NMFMA via the Paypal button at the bottom of this page ( ) or via mail to the New Mexico Farmers’ Marketing Association, 1219 Luisa St. #1, Santa Fe, NM 87505. Otherwise, we will send your market a bill for insurance in November. (Remember that MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION and DUES must be submitted by May 1st).
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