Sidney J. Parnes & Ruth B. Noller Creativity Scholarship Application

• Introduction
The International Center for Studies in Creativity rests on more than four decades of experience teaching creativity. This solid foundation continues to inspire our work and provide a depth of knowledge in a young field. We owe much to the pioneering faculty, Drs. Sidney Parnes and Ruth Noller, who had the vision and courage to pursue a highly novel concept- the belief that creative thinking could be enhanced through explicit instructions.

It is impressive to think how many lives have been directly and indirectly transformed through Sid and Ruth’s work- from the many students who were positively touched by Sid and Ruth to literally thousands of individuals who were subsequently influenced by their former students.

• The Scholarship
In recognition of our founding faculty members, the Center launched a fund-raising campaign in the fall of 2004 with the goal of establishing an endowed student scholarship program in the name of Sid and Ruth. The fund was endowed in the early part of 2007 and the first scholarships, one in Sid’s name and one in Ruth’s name for $500 each will be awarded during the academic year.

• Applicant Eligibility
The scholarships are awarded to students in the Master of Science in Creativity graduate certificate or master’s degree program who could benefit from financial assistance. The award is limited to active graduate students currently enrolled in courses.

• Submitting the Application
To be considered for one of the two awards, the completed application must be received by the October 30.

• Selection Criteria
Students must be in good academic standing and demonstrate commitment to the study and application of creativity. Preference will be given to students who are in need of financial assistance to pursue their studies.

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Dr. Sidney Parnes and Dr. Ruth Noller
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