「Catiline Online Learning Platform」Questionnaire
Dear Parents,
In response to the school suspension, Catiline has implemented our online learning platform for over a week now. This is a new initiative for us, so although we try hard to do our best, we understand that there must be rooms for improvements. Therefore, we particularly look forward to your feedback: your appreciation will help motivate and encourage us to strive harder, your criticism will help us improve and grow!
Thank you for your participation!
1. Which device do you use to browse the platform? *
2. Who assists the child while using the platform? *
3. On average, how much time does your child spend on the platform every day? *
4. Is the platform is user friendly? *
5. Are you satisfied with the browsing speed of the platform? *
6. Do the videos successfully deliver the lesson contents to the children? *
7. How does your child react to the videos? *
8. On the whole, how satisfied are you with the online learning platform? *
9. What are your opinions on the online learning platform? (Please respond!)
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10. What is your opinion of the school's handling of the Coronavirus situation?
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Thank you for your participation.
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